Work on publishing the Ethical Suppliers directory begins

Sales of the initial ebook version of my commodity suppliers directory have been climbing rapidly over the past few months so it is now time to increase the scope of this directory and create the physical version, as well as a Kindle version, for Amazon.

There is such a need for transparency in the commodities industry that I really would like to free up more time to work on Ethical Suppliers. I receive about 2 – 3 complaints a month from companies being scammed by Hulmac Trading. One company reported a loss of over R700 000! Luckily some of the smarter ones do their due diligence and come across my reports. But they can just change their name. Hence the need for other measures, which are addressed by Ethical Suppliers in efforts to fight fraud. One of the ways we do this is by encouraging direct end customer – to – end supplier relationships, but with measures in place to weed out marketers, fraudsters, and other undesirable contacts from the network.

I will also strongly promote free range farms, because the deplorable and horrific conditions in most factory farms still continue and this has to end. We cannot continue to live in a world where animals are abused to feed our gluttonous desires for animal flesh.

Lara Whybrow

I’m a TEFL certified teacher, writer and entrepreneur and this is my personal blog. I am also the founder of Ethical Suppliers, a business directory and commodity sourcing portal, as well as Open English Classes (OEC) which is a platform where students can enrol in ESL courses.
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Lara Whybrow

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