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When I first set out to create OEC, Open English Classes, I used Learndash. But I changed my mind and went with LearnPress. I find LP’s process to be a lot less…”clunky” than LearnDash. Another significant factor was cost – LearnDash is very basic and a lot of extra features are required to get comfortable functionality out of the system. I got a lot more with LearnPress and ThimPress has gorgeous templates too.

After weeks of development almost round the clock, things are more or less sorted out with OEC and the course enrollment and class booking system is working fine. The site is multi-vendor too, but my only gripe here is that I still don’t have the perfect dashboard, and for now the Vendors are accessing wp-admin which is really not great. But I can work on that later once I release more funding into the project.

I love working with WordPress – the support network from fellow developers is massive – but it really needs to improve on its user role features. Without the use of a multiple accounts plugin I would have had to put a lot more hours in to get a proper system set up as this site has a unique feature in that there are customers (class booking with Woocommerce) and learners (Learnpress LMS) so I had to combine the two dashboards and it isn’t optimal. However I’m confident in time we will see more development on that and I will be able to improve this experience for site users.

Lara Whybrow

I’m a TEFL certified teacher, writer and entrepreneur and this is my personal blog. I am also the founder of Ethical Suppliers, a business directory and commodity sourcing portal, as well as Open English Classes (OEC) which is a platform where students can enrol in ESL courses.
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Lara Whybrow

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