Dead Fish Dreams

One of my premonitory dreams came true. Now dreams have always fascinated me – because sometimes they are fears, sometimes catharsis, sometimes premonitions. In this case, my dream about dead fish came true.

I recently got a new fishtank, a freshwater one (given how expensive marine tanks are – but so beautiful!!) and what a saga….omg….let’s just say I’ve been through no less than 3 filters – and the third is still not optimal. Via Aqua Power filters – all I can say is they are definitely powerful. A little too powerful in fact – my poor little tetras were getting blasted round the tank at one stage. If they had just let themselves drift they would have all been squished in the corner! So I had to basically stuff parts of the filter pump with bits of filter floss to get it to chill its bean. This was the third filter because filter 1 broke, filter 2 was 3x too powerful for my tank size, and the third also a little too powerful but at least I could stem the flow somewhat. However, there was a death. I’m sorry Fish000445630053572423…

Every life matters. Every single speck. Fish000445630053572423… matters just as much as me, HUM00000562903425562624642346… matters. Because in an infinite universe size does not actually matter, it is not quantifiable.

Many thanks to The Queen Pet Shop SA, they definitely tried to help me with my tank woes, especially TD (name concealed for privacy reasons). The guys at Dorry Pets SA also deserve a mention as they are very knowledgeable.

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