What made me go with Learndash in the end

To create OEC, my new education website, I must have gone through about 6 different LMS’s (Learner Management Systems). I reviewed Learnpress, Moodle, ClassIn, BrainCert, WizIQ, Lifter and a bunch of others and eventually settled on Learndash, with a few other plugins to extend it’s functionality


Moodle struck me as being the most feature packed system, but when I installed it I noticed that there were A LOT of files and the upload took forever. I thought about how long backups to my remote storage would take, and maybe I’m wrong and the backups could be set to only backup certain folders but it was definitely a factor to consider. Also, I didn’t really want to send my students to a whole different interface – I was actually looking for something I could integrate directly with WordPress so that my students could take advantage of all the other features I had planned.


This is an LMS from China and quite a promising one in fact. I actually use it when I teach for Acadsoc and love all the features – particularly the fact that each booked lesson has a corresponding workbook/lesson plan with the ability to grade the student’s performance after each class. The only reason why I haven’t explored ClassIn further at this stage is that there was a bug with the contract signing feature which prevented me from setting everything up. However, they have tried to assist me with that so it’s definitely still an option I might look at later.


I actually started off with LearnPress because it worked nicely out the box with minimal setup and also had the most free features compared to the others, such as multiple instructors and PayPal ready. I purchased the gradebook extension but then discovered it was missing a feature I really needed – manual grades. The gradebook only allowed teachers to track their student’s course progress but not add manual grades. That was literally my only problem with LearnPress.


LifterLMS has an impressive list of features but is quite pricey, especially when taking into account all the extra addons you need to buy to make it work the way you want.

To view the final product you can visit openenglishclasses.com

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