Why I No Longer Donate to the NSPCA

This particular subject is extremely annoying to me and I’m only unpacking it to help people understand that if the NSPCA withers away to nothing, I won’t give a damn.

The National Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) is a South African organization which is tasked with stopping animal abuse and providing shelter to strays, amongst other things. They regularly receive donations for their efforts and are government funded but most branches are in desperate need of more money. We can almost say that they can never get enough money because if they have surplus funds they can sponsor the much needed sterilization of dogs and cats as there are so many strays.

When I volunteered at the Delmas SPCA I saw how much land they had and I came up with a foolproof way for them to make money – chicken farming. They could supply free range eggs (a commodity which is rapidly becoming more and more expensive) to the surrounding community. They could have a few chickens running around the premises providing eggs with minimal input. People could finally support two good causes – the SPCA and free range farming over the terrible caged systems they have these days. I would fund and manage these systems myself for a percentage of the profits so they wouldn’t need to lift a finger.

I approached the organization with my proposal. Was declined because they are not allowed to keep animals themselves or something like that. Some lame excuse.

That’s why I don’t donate to them anymore because they are stupid and could earn money to help so many more animals and people but they choose not to.

Lara Whybrow

I’m a TEFL certified teacher, writer and entrepreneur and this is my personal blog. I am also the founder of Ethical Suppliers, a business directory and commodity sourcing portal, as well as Open English Classes (OEC) which is a platform where students can enrol in ESL courses.
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Lara Whybrow

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